środa, 16 listopada 2016

God among us

I acknowledge that God is among us but are in the right place?
In our lives, you see it everywhere, and may even be for the current according to me, in any of our say, we use it to define a state.
It's about God
We are talking more and more often:
It is Divine
or jet in paradise.
To speak of God has become a normal thing, but use it in our słownistwie even more. You can even notice the religion or the paradise are certain things to achieve.
Talk of Religion causes greater consumption of drugs is apt thing.
Through drugs, alcohol, sex, we try to reach the state of orgasm, the state where we will feel exceptionally well.
As a measure of this state using religions. Religion tells us that the best place is paradise.
Dealer, salesman cigarettes or alcohol tells you that through such a person can look much better feel.
God becomes a normal thing simple in this case. However, I will add that our civilization everything easier, more and more, everything becomes culture, wsyzstko becomes the norm, talk about God is the norm, not to speak of pissingu becomes extraordinary.
But why?

successful selection

a good day:

We have 2 ducks in the PiS and the PO one: Donald advantage PiS 2-1

And furthermore

The only television program to

Waldemar Pawlak is the only sensible policy that says essentially in the campaign but not everyone hears rather because journalists will focus on the contents of the sensations like. Today affair with Beger. Busier saying the party with the best PR is likely to win the election indifferently how the program will have a insofar as is.

Today prgram sounded like this:

"Selected You"

"To a better life for all"

successful selection

Polish Gola footballer Policies

When he finished the football transfer period, began in Poland a period of political transfers. However, even though these events are not correlated, it is worth noting that in two points istenieją common elements: time to time waltz transfers and change moods.
Politicians are seriously ill or act in their interest. Schizophrenia regular swept whether Kurski a few years ago with "light condition stabilized," and the last most cases are L. Miller and N. Rokita. Miller, who is already at the end of his career, he would like to be a little linger. And hence, though sometimes said that Clinton is a "boor", he decided to sit next to him and start with a list of self-defense. Only idiots do not change the sentence.
As for Rokita, its schizophrenia is even worse. Not only because it's a woman, because the woman is like the weather: changeable. In her recently revealed not only the naivete of words: "Donald, you're in Gdansk, Krakow and I, let's do something in Warsaw," but also perished because of her aggressive statements about women in PRL.
Krzysztof Putra does not mean that


I voted for the PSL, PO guys with me messed up, you degenerates fell down low in my eyes by leftist and Bolshevik campaigns but I wish them good luck.

Today the tomb posli Solarium Lepperowski and Giant Giertychowski. The Polish Party of Labour will give one znadnie: They are right 60% of people in Poland are less than thousand PLN.

PiS it lost because of pre-election tactics, but not only. Polish electorate August changed, and the message transmitted by the PO found a receiver that was not so clear in poprzedniach elections.

Pole sensitivity has changed, it became less conservative especially because of how attendance has increased especially in the cities and know ksztalciuchi are in the cities ... but represent only 11% of the population. Platform won using populist arguments of the PiS, just watch the commercials, this is a shame, or less evil. Does that mean that each of you voted for PO matter if you wanted to or as a contestation?

There I went to the elections. I have Polish citizenship but I can not vote for the PO; I wanted to vote for the PSL. Last person voting for PO told me that there is nothing so I spoke what I think because my voice does not count. But speaking my opinions may change something, to defend a particular political parties. Those who vote PO they know their program?

We wish good luck PO, for the truth ... especially for those who have a below thousand PLN.


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